10 arrested with 33,000Kgs of turmeric

Ten suspects were arrested by the Bloumendhal Police last night for smuggling 33,000 kilograms of dried turmeric concealed in three container trucks, Police said.

They said the three container trucks were found from a warehouse in Bloumendhal area.

During the raid, another 3,000 kilograms of Oried were also found concealed in containers, the police said.

The haul of turmeric and Oried was imported to the country while declaring them as glass to the customs to evade the government taxes, they said

However, police reported that the containers were removed from customs after checking.

Police investigations claimed that the containers have imported in the country via Dubai by a businessman from Mattakkuliya.

The suspects were arrested with three container trucks and seven lorries by the Bloumendhal Police.

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