10 people arrested on illegal migration attempt

Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 10 individuals, suspected to be on an illegal migration attempt to a foreign country via sea, during a special operation conducted on seas off Kurusapadu, Talaimannar on the night of 16th August 2022.

Sri Lanka Navy has been conducting regular operations and patrols covering the sea and coastal areas around the island to suppress illegal migration and other forms of illegal activities.

In a similar operation, the Inshore Patrol Craft P 175 of SLNS Buwaneka in the North Central Naval Command intercepted a suspicious dinghy in the sea area of Kurusapadu on the night of 16th August.

Upon investigation, the Navy apprehended 10 individuals who were suspected to be on an illegal migration attempt to a foreign country via sea.

Among the apprehended individuals were; 04 males including 02 boat operators and 02 females who are over 18 years of age and 04 other individuals below 18 years of age.

The Navy also held the dinghy used for this illegal sea voyage.

The suspects were identified as residents of Pesalai, Urumalai, Kilinochchi, and Kantale, and they were handed over to the Talaimannar Police for onward legal action.

As it is observed that human smugglers organize this nature of rackets using unsafe methods to make fast money, the Navy urges the public to refrain from risking their lives by engaging in perilous sea voyages and being victims before the law.

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