Protesters say there are various attempts to disrupt the ongoing protest at Galle Face.

It has been 25 days since the protest near the Presidential Secretariat in Galle Face demanding the immediate resignation of the President and the government.

Ada Derana correspondent said that a large number of people had joined the protest last night (02).

“The government has done a lot to sabotage the struggle of these young people these days. They need to see what the solution to this problem is. This is not to be suppressed. Two more sumanas will be given to these people. Then the people will decide what will happen to them. ”

“This cannot be suppressed by removing the boards, beating people and shooting them. We can not stop all the people. We will definitely continue this struggle. ”

“None of us knew each other. We are here to stay organized. Friends are coming to sabotage this battle ground. They’ve been working to destroy this for two or three days now. Our team is smarter than that. Our people are on the roof. ”

Meanwhile, a public petition will be signed to compel the legislature to amend three ordinances that are unfavorable to the people, said Asanka Ruwan Pothupitiya, Secretary of the Leasing and Debt Instructors’ Association.

Meanwhile, the protest will continue in front of Temple Trees for the 7th time.