5-Foot Tall ‘Gigantic Rat’ Discovered In Mexico’s Sewer System

The sight of rats naturally leaves people running around. Now, envision the same rat in a larger, wider, and taller than humans form, it certainly will appear terrifying. The aforesaid isn’t a plot for some horrific move but a real incident that happened in Mexico City, which of course had left people squeaking with fear.

Amid cleaning an underground drainage system, the Mexico City Cleanup Crews discovered a giant rat stuck in the gutters. Reportedly, the found creature was part of the twenty-two tons of litter the workers removed from the city’s drainage tunnels after a heavy downpour of rains.

The crew worked really hard to remove the garbage from the tunnels and here they stumbled upon the horrifying looking ‘Monster Rat.’ Fortunately, the rat turned out to be fake as it’s actually a Halloween decoration from a resident’s haunted house collection.

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