A presidential statement was a lie even before 24 hours had elapsed !

Former Chairman of the Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya has sent a letter to the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Defense and the Inspector General of Police regarding the Rambukkana shooting.

(The article is below)

Mahinda Deshapriya,

Retired Commissioner of Elections,

Former Chairman of the Election Commission,

110, Polwatta Road, Poramba, Ambalangoda,

(2022.04 20.)

Secretary, Ministry of Public Defense

Inspector General of Police

 Gentlemen of the Sri Lanka Police,

Rambukkana mass protest and police firing !

While stating that you will take steps to investigate the matter, I kindly point out first of all that the statement of the police themselves that there were justifiable reasons for the shooting is contradictory. It is observed that the reason for the commencement of this agitation was the shortage of fuel, the order or attempt to sell the stock at a higher price at the time of price increase and other related matters. A similar protest had started in Ratnapura on the morning of the 19th but no serious casualties like Rambukkana had been reported. Therefore, I feel that Rambukkana was able to control the situation so that such killings would not take place. Twenty-four hours after the Hon. President declared on the 18th that the people have the right to protest, it is ironic that a mass protest was shot dead by the police. A tragedy. An injustice. I urge you to provide the necessary assistance to the lawyers representing the aggrieved parties in the investigation of this matter, and I urge you not to allow the facts presented to be suppressed or obscured. It is also the inalienable responsibility of the police to prevent your protests from escalating into violence and to make your officers aware of the imperative to refrain from provoking the public and to refrain from carrying out police attacks at the Galle Face or any other place. I also kindly request you to inform your officers

I strongly condemn the killing of protesters by police firing under any circumstances


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