A strong statement from Uvindu

According to Uvindu Wijeweera, the leader of the second generation organization, the youth should come forward to save the country by working in the agricultural, manufacturing and service economy.

He said this while addressing a public meeting.

Mr. Uvindu Wijeweera, the leader of the second generation organization, also spoke there.

“We need to think anew, a new generation, if we waste another four or five years of scolding, our children’s generation will also have to scold. There was a beautiful house, a good prosperous house, there was a father, a mother and some children. After a while, father became addicted to alcohol and gambling. Now father is addicted to alcohol and gambling and mortgaged the house deed. They also gambled and drank alcohol. Now the house is going to be empty. Now the man from the bank came and demanded the ownership of the house. It’s fair. Father has mortgaged. Now mother and children are going to fall on the road. What am I talking about? I am talking about our homeland where you and I live. Who is this father, the politician who ruled the country for 74 years? This house is our homeland. This mother and children are you and me. Now we fall on the road who is Vicky’s father. These politicians have mortgaged this country. Hambantota port is not ours. Trincomalee oil tanks are not ours. By taking less oil from Russia, India leaves our oil tanks and 10 percent belongs to the IOC, thereby giving it to us.

“When the eastern jetty of Colombo port is not available, the western jetty is taken over. Uva acquires acres of land from Vellas. Trincomalee port is taken over. A port city was built, but I still don’t know who owns it. We will lose the resources of this country. Here was my father’s mortgage, and now we scolded the banker, do we have any business? Who is this bank man? There’s China, there’s India, there’s America, this is the banker. Now there is no point in scolding the big man in the bank. Father’s mortgage was there, now what should we do? I said that there are five or six young men who have grown up and stayed at home without letting their mother fall on the street. Now this is the same thing that has happened to these five or six young people. It’s not about throwing stones at the big guy in the bank. It doesn’t matter if you throw stones at the bank’s big man. So, you and I, these young men who have grown up, we have a role to play. I want to save my family. What I said is that we need to work in the agricultural economy, the manufacturing economy, and the service economy to get some money and save this sold country, that’s what we have to do now.”

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