All nine inmates escaped from Thaldena prison rehab centre captured

All nine inmates who escaped from the Thaldena Open Prison Rehabilitation Centre in Badulla are now in custody, according to a spokesperson of the facility.

The inmates had fled the rehabilitation centre in the early hours of the yesterday (April 17).

Swinging into action soon after, the officials of the rehabilitation centre managed to capture two escapees near the farm belonging to the facility.

In a search operation carried out with the residents of the area, four others were apprehended near a paddy field in Baduluoya, Kandaketiya at around 6.30 p.m. last evening.

Meanwhile, the remaining three were captured at around 4.00 a.m. today near the Kiriwehera, Kandaketiya.

The escapees, aged between 23-26 years, had been referred to the rehabilitation centre in connection with drug-related charges.

They were supported to be released within two-three months after completing the rehabilitation process.

They are slated to be produced before the court later today (April 18).

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