Army Commander reveals details about a Covid19 patient identified from Boralesgamuwa

Army Commander Shavendra Silva today revealed information about a Covid19 patient identified from Boralesgamuwa yesterday.

He said that a patient from Piliyandala & Boralesgamuwa were the only 2 patients identified outside the quarantine process yesterday.

Piliyandala patient was a Fish vendor and he had reportedly travelled to several areas to sell fish during the curfew period. His brother had come from Australia and authorities believe he might have got the virus from him. But his brother is not a Covid patient.

According the Army Commander the patient identified from Boralesgamuwa has gone to a medical center in Kottawa several days a week for Blood dialysis. He says another Covid19 patient identified earlier had also visited the same medical center during the same period.

“Boralesgamuwa patient had gone to this dispensary on 24th & 26th. Covid patient 114 had visited this place on 25th & 27th. So we suspect he may have got the virus there” Army Commander said.

All the people connected to the Boralesgamuwa patient now sent to quarantine, he said.

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