Asymptomatic coronavirus patients to non hospital zones, hospitalization criteria to be formulated

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has stated that the prevailing situation is challenging the capacities of quarantine centres.

They stated that attention must be drawn towards responsible self-quarantine procedures instead of institutional quarantine.

The statement issued by GMOA stated that people who are at risk must be directed to institutional quarantine centres, while asymptomatic patients should be directed to centres that are not allocated as hospital.

The GMOA pointed out that elderly and those with non communicable diseases and patients with life-threatening symptoms must be directed to major hospitals. They also point out that a hospitalisation criteria should be formulated.

Although the Epidemiology Unit stated that the virus is yet to reach community spread, the GMOA stated that a technical opinion could not be issued in this regard since the data regarding the coronavirus pandemic spread lies with the Epidemiology Unit and that data was not shared with the groups that initially supported to control the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

They added that the Epidemiology Unit should take responsibility for the seriousness of the situation that surfaces by not sharing the spread of the patients and associate patients data with the technical support groups.

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