Attack on unarmed civilians brings international attention!

With the recent violence in Rambukkana yesterday (19), it is clear that Sri Lanka’s human rights and fundamental human rights violations are currently receiving international attention. In attempting to set a bowl, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) said that the police had tear gas and gunfire to suppress the protesters, however, killing and killing of the least powerful civilians. If so, does that justify it? Julie Chung expresses her deep sorrow over yesterday’s incident in Rambukkana. She points out that she strongly condemns the use of violence against protesters and police, “It would be better if people acted with restraint,” she said in an official Twitter account. She called on Sri Lankans to make sure that they protest peacefully. UN Resident Coordinator for Sri Lanka Hannah Singer also commented on the Rambukkana incident. International media outlets such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky and Reuters have listed the Rambukkana incident in their main news list. There were protests in various parts of the country saying ‘one killed after police fire at protest in Rambukkana’. University students, as well as all university lecturers, entered the fray, further emphasizing the tragic fate that befell the country. Some protesters went on their back when the police were able to overcome the orders of the security forces, at all the defenses of the security forces before the objections were initiated. Reminiscent.The rulers of this country as well as the rulers of this country were taught how to fight peacefully. The actions of the police and the riot squad during the raid were strongly condemned by the international community as well as human rights organizations. Prathibha Mahanamahewa stated that yesterday the unarmed civilians were declared the least police force and that there was no shooting. In such a situation, the International Human Rights Council (IHRC) is keeping a close eye on Sri Lanka and called for disciplinary action against the high-ranking officials who instructed the firing yesterday, he said. He added that it was imperative to find out who ordered the first shot at the repression of unarmed civilians. It is reported that the strike sites in all parts of the country have been boycotted and arrangements have been made to return to the struggle ground from this morning. The lecturers of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka were also present. When will the suffering of the people suffering from a severe economic crisis end? When will Sri Lanka achieve economic prosperity instead of unjustly firing on unarmed civilians to control repression? When do broken youth dreams come true? Doesn’t it show through these struggles that all Sri Lankans have immense fear and pain about this, and will the authorities continue to maximize control and repress oppressed civilians? Everyone pay attention to this ..

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