Ceypetco price increase?

Indian Oil Company (IOC) has once again increased the fuel prices of its spare parts, attracting more and more customers to Cipetco outlets.

This is due to the fact that the price of fuel at Ceypetco outlets is lower than that of the Indian Oil Company.

The Indian Oil Company’s 92 octane petrol is sold at Rs. 254 per liter while the Ceypetco petrol station sells at Rs.

The price of a liter of auto diesel at the Indian Oil Company’s outlets is 214 rupees, while at the Cipetco outlets it is 121 rupees per liter.

However, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation says that it is currently losing about 128 rupees per liter of diesel and 80 rupees per liter of petrol.

The CPC has already requested that the price increase be made as soon as possible as the loss is no longer bearable.

If somehow this price increase is allowed, it will be the largest fuel price increase in history.

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