Checking TRCSL approval compulsory from tomorrow for phones

It is compulsory to check the TRCSL approval when buying any kind of device which connects to cellular networks via SIM from tomorrow (October 1), TRCSL Director-General Oshada Senanayake said.

He said this would not apply to the telecommunication equipment operated with a SIM card already connected in the Cellular Mobile Operator’s Network.

This includes devices imported or brought into the country via other channels. These people should register via logging into the TRCSL website.

“Due to multifaceted technological developments that are taking place in the telecommunication industry, telecom regulation varies depending on the conditions of the market place.

“Therefore, the general public was advised to purchase the telecommunication equipment operated with a SIM card from dealers who possess a vendor license issued by the TRCSL. Those persons only can issue their products with a TRCSL Approved sticker. There is no need to re-register TRCSL Approved phones with the TRCSL from tomorrow.

The customer can request the vendor to check the TRCSL Approved sticker with the TRCSL (send SMS to 1909 after typing IMEI<15digit IMEI number>) whether the approval is original or fake.

“95 per cent of the vendors were small scale vendors who registered with the TRCSL. A registered vendor has to pay an annual. No tax is taken to register mobile phones with the TRCSL. Anyone can register their mobile devices with the TRCSL via the official website ( following simple steps,” he said.

It is a known fact that receiving refurbished (fake) phones to the country. However, following registrations with the TRCSL can trace the fake phones by cross-checking the phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. These fake phones emit higher radiations which harmful to users,” he said.

“In the future, unregistered telecommunication equipment operated with SIM will be deactivated by the Operator. The TRCSL will be taking measures to register such equipment in the future,” the TRCSL Director-General added.

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