CID records a statement from MP Rajitha Senaratne

The Criminal Investigations Department has recorded a statement under medical approval from Parliamentarian Dr. Rajitha Senaratne who is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Narahenpita.

When inquired by NewsRadio, a spokesperson confirmed that the former Minister was admitted to the cardiac ward of the hospital last night.

A CID team had arrived at the hospital last night to record the statement from the MP, however the CID stated MP Senaratne was subject to a medical check-up before a statement was recorded following medical approval.

Under standard procedure if medical professionals had stated that MP Senaratne was in no condition to record a statement, then the CID would produce said facts before court and seek further legal advice.

However if MP Senaratne was declared to be medically able enough to record a statement, then a statement would be recorded and the MP subsequently arrested.

A warrant was issued on Tuesday for the arrest of MP Senaratne over the controversial ‘white van abductions’ media briefing.

The warrant was issued by the Colombo Additional Magistrate, after facts were tabled by officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department and the Attorney General’s Department.

Accordingly the CID had conducted a search of MP Rajitha Senaratne’s residencies in Colombo and Beruwala, although he was not present at both premises at the time.

The CID and the Police STF had also conducted another search of his residence in Colombo last evening, following which the MP was admitted to a private hospital for treatment.

Attorneys representing the MP filed a motion last evening before the Colombo Magistrates Court calling for the warrant issued against their client to be withdrawn, however the motion was subsequently withdrawn instead.

Meanwhile, the anticipatory bail applications filed by MP Senaratne will be considered in Court on Monday.

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