Coconut maximum retail price does not help canteen owners

The Gazette issued announcing the maximum retail price for coconut, would not help canteen owners, All Island Canteen Owners’ Association (AICOA) Chairman Asela Sampath said.

He said that the Government has the ability to declare a Rs. 50 maximum retail price for coconuts regardless of the size of a coconut.

“Earlier, responsible Ministers have stated that two-thirds of the coconut harvest is being exported and that the remaining stocks are released to the local market. Most of the coconut harvest from estates in Kurunegala are bought by foreign companies for export,” he said.

A packet of liquid coconut milk costs Rs.40 in the local market, which is far more cost-effective than using fresh coconut priced at Rs.70, Mr. Sampath said.

“Using fresh coconuts for preparing food in canteens is not profitable at this price rate. Therefore using coconut milk packets is more effective. We know that using coconut milk packets in canteen foods is not healthy. Those products could contain harmful preservatives,” he said.

Therefore, Mr Sampath reiterated that canteen owners are not positively affected with the recent announcement of the maximum retail price for coconuts.

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