Could this be Donald Trump’s canniest deal of all… or proof he’s a disaster in business?

President Trump’s pitch to voters has always been how rich he is, how his success as a businessman and his mastery of finance makes him the perfect steward of the world’s biggest economy.

Now he’s got a new set of financial figures to pore over – contained in an explosive new report that will certainly make many of those voters think long and hard about anything the President tries to tell them about business and the economy.

After years in which Mr Trump has steadfastly refused to reveal his tax returns, they appear to have finally been winkled out – and they make salutary reading.

Trump hasn’t just used his children as controversial tax deductions. Supporters who have admired his buccaneering attitude towards paying taxes may not be quite so delighted to know that – contrary to his claim that he is ‘losing billions’ by being president – his lavish lifestyle is often now funded by the taxpayer.

At Mar-a-Lago, his Florida country club and his principal residence, millions of dollars in expenses have been claimed, including – in 2017 alone – nearly $110,000 for linens and silver, and nearly $200,000 for landscaping. Even the $210,000 paid to a photographer on hand to capture Trump social events there was claimed as tax deductible.

Mr Trump claimed back all the costs of his pre-White House private jet travel as well as that astonishing sum of $70,000 paid to style his hair while he was making The Apprentice.

Nearly $100,000 spent on daughter Ivanka’s favourite hair and makeup stylist was also listed as a business expense.

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