Covid-19 positive woman gives birth in hospital after falsifying details

A 28-year-old woman who tested positive for Covid-19 has reportedly misled staff of the Nagoda Hospital in Kalutara to admit herself for the delivery of her child, official said adding that ward staff who attended to the woman will have to undergo self-quarantine.

The woman, a resident of Pannila, Beruwala, an area which is on red-alert following the discovery of a coronavirus cluster, has been admitted to the Nagoda hospital where she has given birth to a child this morning. The woman who had submitted a false address for hospital records, had been granted admission to a special ward for the delivery, according to the Beruwala Medical Health Officer Dr. Varuna Seneviratne.

However medical staff had soon discovered that the patient was a resident of Beruwala, according to her clinical records. She had misled staff of the Nagoda hospital and submitted false details stating that she was a resident of Dharga Town.

A hospital spokesperson said that a blood test revealed that she had been infected with the coronavirus. The health of her infant is being monitored while the ward staff who attended to the woman will have to undergo self-quarantine, according to hospital sources.

With this new case the total number of active Covid-19 cases reported from Beruwala has risen to 13, according to Dr. Varuna Seneviratne.

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