Covid Update : Patients reported from Beruwela, Galle, Homagama & several other areas

The Beruwala Fisheries Harbour has been temporarily closed following the detection of 10 coronavirus patients. According to reports, the patients were detected after 100 PCR tests were conducted yesterday.

Health authorities are taking measures to place family members and close contacts of the patients in quarantine.
The Galle Main Post Office has been shut after a customer tested positive for the coronavirus. The customer who had visited the post office on 19th October had tested positive for the coronavirus.

A shopping complex in Homagama has been temporarily closed after a person tested positive for the coronavirus.
7 Coronavirus patients have been identified from the Galle fisheries harbour after 166 PCR tests were conducted – Area PHI
All fish stalls in the Hatton town have been temporarily closed from today, Public Health Inspectors (PHI) said. Two employees of a fish stall are reported to have visited the Peliyagoda fish market.

The Ratnapura main fish market has been closed after a fish vendor who visited the Peliyagoda fish market had tested positive – Ratnapura Municipal Council

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