Curfew passes of online retailers violating health guidelines during deliveries to be suspended

Measures will be taken to suspend curfew passes of online retailers who do not follow health guidelines when delivering the orders, the Police Headquarters says.

Not adhering to proper health guidelines poses a risk of spreading the novel coronavirus among communities who make purchases from these online retailers, the Police said further.

Hence, the police have introduced a set of guidelines to be followed by online retailers who are authorized to make deliveries during curfew hours.

Wearing clean clothes and shoes to cover the feet, wearing face masks and gloves, as well as using sterilizing liquids have been mandated. In the meantime, those who deliver bakery products and cooked food are strictly advised not to touch the products.

In addition, the police have instructed that products should be put in another packaging. The retailers are also advised not to touch products or the packaging after handling cash, not to allow customers to touch the purchased goods when delivering them and to maintain the one-metre distance.

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