Democracy cannot be belittled. UNP will not attend to PM’s Meeting – Ravi

UNP Vice leader former parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayake has emphasized that the United National Party has decided not to attend to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s meeting scheduled for May 04 in the backdrop that retired politicians have also been invited.

“We as the United National Party were firm on the decision to take part in the meeting scheduled for May 04 until yesterday (02) to emphasize that Parliament should be reconvened. This was an honest decision we had taken for democracy.

However, as of now, it has been proven by the government itself that this meeting was arranged on a different purpose. This is quite obvious judging by the fact that retired former parliamentarians since 2000 have been invited to the meeting. This meeting is not for discussing the elimination of Coronavirus or reconvening Parliament. They are preparing to hold a function.

Therefore, we have decided today not to attend to this meeting. We cannot let anyone belittle democracy. We firmly state that the UNP would not be participating this meeting,” he said.

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