NIC office closed for public till Friday

The Department for Registration of Persons (DRP) had suspended all services relating to issuing National Identity Cards on one-day service scheme for three days starting tomorrow, DRP Commissioner-General Viyani Gunathilaka said.

He told Daily Mirror, that the decision was taken to help curb control the COVID-19.

“People used to arrive in the department without following COVID-19 health guidelines. It would be a risk for all the Government Departments situated in the area,” Mr Gunathilaka said.

Accordingly, the department had declared the premises as a restricted area for the public on Wednesday (7), Thursday (8) and Friday (9),” he said.

He requested the general public to hand over their completed applications to the relevant Grama Niladharis instead.
“However, priority would be given to those who want their IDs under urgent circumstances,” he said.

“To avail that, the applicant should mention the reason with the certification of the Grama Niladhari and hand their applications over to the respective District Secretariat offices,” he said.

“People cannot visit the DRP to hand over their applications in person. No decision had been taken to close the DRP office. The jobs which are already in the process would be completed during this period,” he said.

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