‘Exit strategy’ on curfew to be implemented by end of April: Dr. Jasinghe

An ‘exit strategy’ for the prevailing curfew could be implemented by end of April for several districts in the low risk zone if the country continues to execute the present Covid-19 prevention measures in a proper manner, Director-General of Health Services, Dr. Anil Jasinghe said. During a TV programme, Dr. Jasinghe said that the government was currently discussing the measures which could be implemented when setting up an exit strategy for the current curfew situation. Even if the lockdown is to be relaxed in certain areas in future, Dr. Jasinghe warned that the people must maintain strong social distancing strategies to prevent Covid-19 spread. Meanwhile, he also wished the Sri Lankans a very happy and a healthy New Year and encouraged the people to perform New Year traditions within the family. Dr. Jasinghe emphasised that people would have to refrain from visiting relatives, exchanging gifts and have to limit the celebrations within the family.

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