Extra ship to remove fuel from ship .. Oil Boom ready to absorb fuel

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says that all measures are in place to protect the sensitive ecosystem in the event of a fuel leak from a burning fuel tanker in the East Sea.

The ship, which has 270,000 tons of fuel, could catch fire, causing serious environmental damage if it exploded or sank.

Among the measures required to protect the sensitive ecosystem from Hambantota to Jaffna, especially in the event of a major fuel leak, is the use of a fuel-absorbing oil boom, taking initial steps to enlist the support of all countries in the South Asian region as it is difficult for a single country to control a fuel leak. The Minister pointed out that all matters such as taking legal action against the company that owns the fuel tanker have been taken on the instructions of the Ministry of Environment with the intervention of the Central Environmental Authority and all relevant agencies.

According to the available information, an additional ship has already been dispatched to the scene to remove the fuel from the ship and the Sri Lanka Navy, Air Force and Indian security forces are working to put out the fire.

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