Family members sent to an underground bunker, Putin to a nuclear war !

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing for a nuclear war, foreign media reported today quoting a former Russian scientist.

The 61-year-old scientist says Putin has already made all the arrangements. The scientist also revealed that he had sent his family members to an underground bunker in Siberia last weekend.

However, foreign reports reveal that it is not just a bunker but a city built underground near the Altai Mountains in Siberia. The scientist has revealed that it has all the facilities required for a comfortable life as well as internet facilities.

Meanwhile, the Russian military continues to carry out heavy attacks targeting the Ukrainian capital Kiev and several other cities. According to foreign reports, sirens can be heard in many parts of Ukraine.

The capture of the capital, Kiev, has become the main target of the Russian military. According to foreign reports, a convoy of Russian warheads, about 40 miles long, is approaching the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

It is reported that the convoy is approaching the capital Kiev. Russian troops have also told residents of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, that they can still leave the city freely. International commentators warn that the capital, Kiev, could be hit hard at any moment.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Russian army is trying to create a food crisis by blocking the food supply lines in several cities in Ukraine. According to the foreign media, the shelves where food was stored in the supermarkets in many cities were already empty.

According to the foreign media, the Ukrainian army is working to meet the food needs of the citizens who remain in Ukraine. Meanwhile, it is reported that Belarus has also sent a group of troops to Ukraine to assist the Russian army. Critics say they will support Russian forces in capturing the capital, Kiev.

Meanwhile, Ukraine says 352 Ukrainians have been killed in Russian attacks. Among them are 14 children.

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