Forget the past and unite for the country – President

President Ranil Wickramasinghe emphasizes that the country is facing a huge danger at the moment and that it can only be overcome by everyone coming together.

Today (03), the President made these comments while presenting the government’s policy statement at the beginning of the third session of the Parliament.

The President also said that he would invite all members of the Parliament to form an all-party government together to build the country.

“I took over a country that was in trouble. Severe crisis on one side. Massive public opposition is on the other side. But I decided to accept this difficult challenge for the country. Rather than cursing the darkness, I considered it my duty to light even one lamp for the country. Today we are facing a very serious problem that our country has never faced in modern history. We have suffered a huge accident. The country can be saved from that danger only if everyone comes together and faces it. It is very important that the members of this parliament as well as the entire people contribute their own energy.

It is the hope of the majority of the people of the country at this time that everyone in the parliament should work together to build the country. If we come together, we will be able to raise the Sri Lankan nation. If divided, not only the parliamentarians but the entire nation will be degraded and helpless. Therefore, I again request all the parties represented in the parliament to unite for the formation of an all-party government. I respectfully extend the hand of friendship to you all. We confidently invite you to forget the past and come together for the sake of the country. I have now started discussions with political parties about the all-party government. After examining my program, it was announced that certain parties would agree to form an all-party government.

An all-party government is not a government where one party works for a single opinion. It is a government that operates according to everyone’s views on a common policy framework. A government that operates according to the ideas of all of us. A government that we all come together and move forward for the sake of the country. I would like to reiterate to this House the value of an all-party government to quickly resolve this political crisis and establish stability.”

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