Govt. feels the heat, likely to revert vaccination program back to priority groups

Following several complaints from citizens that the ongoing vaccination program was being conducted in an ad-hoc manner, that a decision may be taken to revert the vaccination program back according to the priority groups – in this instance those above the age of 60 years, in the coming days.

During a meeting held by health officials this week, several concerns were raised with some officials querying as to why there was no system in place for people to receive the jab and why the priority groups initially listed had been ignored.

The reliably learns that following these rising complaints, authorities may decide to strictly stick to the groups which had been drawn up initially, before the vaccination program rolled out to the public.

According to the initially planned lists, frontline workers were the first in line to receive the jabs, followed by the tri forces and then those above the age of 60 and those suffering from illnesses. The workforce was listed after that.

But soon after the vaccines arrived, plans seemed to have changed with officials saying the elderly would be inoculated in parallel to those between the age 30 to 60, with the system somehow going adhoc since it opened to the public in Colombo last week.

However, authorities are now in the process of streamlining the entire program in the coming days as more vaccines are set to arrive in the country.

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