Hirunika’s Defender Abduction case postponed for 13th time

Hirunika Premachandra says one cannot condone causing damage to the property of public representatives under the guise of the people’s struggle.

Speaking outside the Colombo High Court on Wednesday (24), she said rather than arresting those who caused damage to property, authorities are chasing after the youth who engaged in protests.

She said that the introduction of the QR-based fuel distribution and reduced power cuts are the results of the Aragalaya protests, including the appointment of the current President, who does not have a mandate from the people.

She also condemned the use of the Prevention of Terrorism Act to crackdown the youth protesters.

The Former MP said Former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is always welcome to return to Sri Lanka, and slammed the Ex-President for trying to win the sympathy of the people of the country by moving from one country to another.

Hirunika Premachandra warned that the Aragalaya will have to be revived again by end of September.

Hirunika Premachandra was at the Colombo High Court on Wednesday (24) to appear for a case where she is charged with the abduction of a youth, forced detention, and assault, back in 2015.

Counsel appearing for Hirunika Premachandra requested the court for a new date for the case to be taken up, as her Senior Counsel had taken ill, and accordingly, the case was postponed to the 16th of November.

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