How 30 Navy personnel at the Welisara Navy Camp contracted the Coronavirus

The highest number of Corona Virus infected persons diagnosed during one day in this country was reported yesterday.

Accordingly, together with the 38 persons reported yesterday as having contracted the Corona Virus the total number of persons infected in the country is 368.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said that 30 navy personnel who had contracted the Corona Virus, including the Navy soldier from Polonnaruwa who was diagnosed with the infection on the 22, were deployed at the Welisara Navy Camp,

Accordingly, everyone who had contact with the infected soldier of the Welisara Navy Camp have been referred for P.C.R. testing.

Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said further that it has been confirmed that the Navy personnel had contracted the virus during the operation carried out to take those who were addicted to drugs in the Suduwella, Ja-ela area to the quarantine centres.

The number of persons who contracted the Covid-19 virus and are hospitalized and receiving treatment is 254 while 107 have recovered fully and left hospital.

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