“If all 3 of us hold the same opinion, why do we need a 3 member Commission? Our opinions differ, but end goal is the same” EC Chief

Chairman of the Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya says that although there are differences in opinions between the members of the Election Commission, their end goal in al those discussions and perspectives is to protect people’s sovereignty.

“A plenty of different opinions are put forward in meetings of our commission. However, apart from a very few instances, we were always able to come to a unanimous decision. Even those different opinions are put out while interpreting democracy and legal matters in their own perspective. But our end goal is to protect the sovereignty of the people”, he had stated.

He had echoed the above thoughts in a Facebook post, as a response to queries posed to him on whether the Election Commission is unable to work on a common goal due to the differences of opinions among the members of the commission.

EC Chief had ended his note saying “we will always be biased towards our people. We will represent the people’s security and their right to franchise. Let’s defeat Covid19. Democracy to our people”

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