“Karu Jayasuriya’s opinion about the all-party government “

Former speaker Mr. Karu Jayasuriya says that all the parties representing the parliament should give their support for the establishment of the all-party government for the restoration of the country.

The former Speaker points out that just as some responsibility should be assigned to the members of each party, the back row members should be given more opportunities for it.

“We always believe that if a national consensus government is formed, there can never be an opposition in the parliament for a limited period of time. Everyone should be in the parliament with brotherhood. That is why we presented various proposals. And we hope to give the opportunity to the backbenchers. The Donmore system was also in place at the time. Each councilor had a certain task. They participated in the governance. Therefore, there was a request to strengthen the Parliamentary Investigation Committee. We submitted that proposal to the government. Parliament agreed. In that regard, we hope to launch that work very soon, especially for the back row MPs to participate in governance without political differences.”

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