Kiriella says that the speaker is an accomplice in the destruction of the country

The chief organizer of the opposition, MP Lakshman Kiriella said in Colombo today (15) that the speaker and the leader of the house, who suspended the standing orders and gave the chairmanship of the finance committee to the government, are complicit in the destruction that has befallen the country.

Mr. Kiriella mentioned that after the general election of 2020, according to the standing orders, the chairmanship of the finance committee should be given to the opposition, but by violating the standing orders and giving the chairmanship of the committee to the government, Mr. Kiriella mentioned that the country has become so old.

He said this while attending a press conference called at the office of the opposition leader in Colombo that if the chairmanship of the finance committee had been given to the member of parliament, Dr. Harsha de Silva, the people would have known the real facts about the economic crisis in the country two years ago.

The MP also mentioned that he would have gone to the International Monetary Fund and taken many important decisions regarding the country.

He further said that today the people have to enjoy the consequences of arbitrary government actions by misleading the people by saying that the government has enough money.

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