Leave what you have – a place to take what you don’t have (Hirunika Premachandra)

Controversial Hirunika Premachandra, who is making a lot of headlines, has embarked on a new venture these days. Named Samagi Sahana Sevana, the former MP has sought to find a solution to the food crisis in the country. ‘‘ Take what you don’t have. Launched under the theme ‘Leave More’ ‘, this community service has been introduced as a service where people take care of people. It is reported that the Samagi Janabalavegaya office is currently receiving food items from all over the country and abroad for this social service. People who have not been able to visit the office for a long time have been able to get this food item there, but it has been suspended since yesterday. So far, it has been decided to implement this program entirely child-centered and accordingly, the distribution of aid to hospitals, schools and orphanages has commenced from yesterday. Accordingly, food items were first given to the School for the Deaf in Ratmalana today.

‘We are not asking you to hand over your donations to the Sajaba office itself. Hirunika Premachandra invites the whole country to join this program.

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