Man, 46, Forms A Trio With Two Women After Ending His 19 Years Marriage

It appears the Throuple matrimony-hood is gradually flourishing as people are admitting it has never been better. Just recently, a man joined the Throuple universe after ending his 19-years marriage. Inspired by a TV show, the man pursued a polyamorous affair with two women and now he admits feeling happier.

Shai Fishman, a 46-Year-Old Entrepreneur from Newton, Pennsylvania pursued a polyamorous affair after watching TV shows titled Married and Dating as well as Big Love and Polyamory

Shai Fishman, a 46-Year-Old Entrepreneur from Newton, Pennsylvania is a keen advocate of the polyamory lifestyle. Clearly different from the swinger lifestyle, polyamory specifically places importance on having numerously committed yet emotional relationships.

Two years after, precisely in 2016, Shai encountered his present lovers – Krissy, 41, and Lea, 40 via an online dating platform. Both Lea and Krissy listed themselves as being monogamous but Shai admitted it didn’t stop him from establishing connections. Fortunately, Lea shares Shai’s drive to advocate for relationship freedom and so they both launched an online community titled: ‘Leveled Up Love.’ The active Facebook group connects with over 4k people from across the globe.

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