Man killed in a elephant Attack in Dambana

A person has died after being attacked by a wild elephant in the Dambana indigenous village in Mahiyangana.

The victim had been attacked by a wild elephant while entering the Maduruoya reserve on the 19th to collect honey.

The deceased has been identified as Karunaratne, a 56 – year – old father of three from the Thala tribe, popularly known as the ‘King of the Jungle’.

He had entered the Maduruoya reserve from the Gurukumbura area in Dambana with two other persons on the 18th to collect honey and was attacked by a wild elephant within 18 km of the reserve.

The dead body could not be brought to the spot until last evening (20) since the enraged elephant was staying close the body.

Our correspondent said that a large number of villagers, wildlife officers and Mahiyangana police officers then escorted the Mahiyangana Magistrate to the scene and conducted a magisterial inquiry into the body.

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