Mannar Railway station closed for two weeks

The total number of coronavirus patients reported in the country increased to 3,234 yesterday with 39 new cases reported.

This was the highest number of coronavirus infections reported 13 days after 43 coronavirus infections were reported in the country on the 1st of Sep.

According to the Government Information Department, 16 of the infected persons had arrived in Sri Lanka from Qatar, 12 have been identified from the group from United Arab Emirates who were being quarantined.

Six persons from Kuwait, two from the Maldives and one Ukrainian who arrived from Thailand have also been identified as being infected with the Coronavirus.

The Department of Government Information stated that a person from Ethiopia who is under quarantine and a Sea Marshal who arrived from the Red Sea area had also been confirmed as infected.

Accordingly, the number of patients receiving further hospital treatment is 226 while the number of those who have recovered is 2,996.

Meanwhile, the Railway Department has decided to close the Mannar Railway Station for 14 days.

This was since a person in quarantine had escaped from the Kandakadu center and was located at the railway station the day before yesterday.

Deputy General Manager Gamini Seneviratne stated that due to this the train will ply without stopping at the Mannar Railway Station.

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