Marikkar calls for probe on Sanath Nishantha’s statement

The President needs to investigate the statements expressed by SLPP MP Sanath Nishantha that can be considered as contempt of court, Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP S.M. Marikkar said.

Speaking to media, the MP said that while former MP Ranjan Ramanayake was imprisoned on charges of contempt of court following comments he made on the side of the road, SLPP MP Sanath Nishantha insulted the Court and judges at a media briefing.

Therefore, MP Marikkar said that it is clear that MP Nishantha insulted the Court after convening a media briefing at the SLPP headquarters in Nelum Mawatha, which essentially represents the stand of the party as well.

“It’s not an insult coming from the MP alone, but also from the Party,” he said, adding that while the CID is investigating people who entered the president’s house and Temple Trees, instead they need to investigate the statement made by SLPP MP Sanath Nishantha, as he represents the SLPP.

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