Navy brings ashore ill fisherman for treatment

Sri Lanka Navy brought ashore a fisherman who fell ill while at sea and rushed him to the hospital for treatment on 23rd August 2022. The fisherman who was aboard a local multiday fishing trawler, in seas about 47 nautical miles (about 87 km) northeast of the Foul Point, Trincomalee, had suddenly fallen ill and was in need of medical attention.

The multiday fishing trawler ‘Manuki’(Reg. No. IMUL-A-0345 KLT) was on a fishing voyage leaving the Cod Bay Fishery Harbour, Trincomalee on 08th August 2022, with 06 fishermen. Meanwhile, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, has disseminated the distress to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo at Navy Headquarters, about this ill fisherman who was aboard the trawler.

In response to a request for assistance, Sri Lanka Navy sent out the Fast Attack Craft P 4443 of the 04th Fast Attack Craft Flotilla (4 FAF) attached to the Eastern Naval Command to bring the ill fisherman for treatment. Having taken over him to the Navy’s craft on the evening of 23rd August 2022 amidst rough sea condition, the patient was brought to the Trincomalee Harbour administering first aid and subsequently he was rushed to the General Hospital, Trincomalee for further treatment.

Besides, the Navy stays prepared to respond to eventualities of this nature, with a view to assist naval and fishing communities in distress in Sri Lanka’s Search and Rescue Region.

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