New Coronavirus: CMC introduces syrup, powder to boost immunity

The Department of Indigenous Medicine of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) yesterday introduced a syrup and a powder to enhance immunity, as a precautionary measure to prevent being infected from new coronavirus and all other communicable diseases.

The CMC said many people are keen to prevent the new coronavirus infection which has already spread in many countries of the world.

“What is needed now is to increase the immunity to prevent the virus from becoming infected. The powder and the syrup can be used as a protective tool to boost the immunity. These are available free of charge to all in Colombo through the CMC’s 20 Ayurvedic dispensaries without any prescription,” the CMC said.

It said under the direction of Mayoress Rosy Senanayake and under the supervision of the Municipal Commissioner Roshani Dissanayake, the product was introduced to enhance the immunity against all infectious diseases including new coronavirus.

The CMC said the powder which is made by the Indigenous Medicine Department comprises of a variety of local herbal extracts including rasakinda, iriweriya, veniwelgata, cinnamon bark and perum kayam (asafoetida).

Arrangements have already been made to pack the powder in 50g packets and distribute to the public.

“This is not a cure for the new coronavirus, but a measure to enhance immunity against the virus infections,” CMC reiterated.

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