No confirmation humans contract COVID-19 from animals

Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Studies of the University of Peradeniya Dr. Ashoka Dangolla says there is no confirmation to date that humans can contract COVID-19 from animals.

In a special statement on social media Dr. Dangolla said speculation has arisen over a dog from Suduwella, Ja-Ela related to the coronavirus.

He stated that the coronavirus has been in animals over the past 20 years, adding that tests have not been conducted to determine whether any animal in Sri Lanka has contracted the virus.

However, Dr. Dangolla said distemper that causes respiratory concerns that is contagious has been prevalent in dogs.

Therefore, he claimed that dogs too have the capacity to carry symptoms similar to human respiratory concerns.

He noted that a dog, a cat and a lion have tested positive for COVID-19 in foreign countries thus far.

However, Dr. Dangolla noted that this year there are no reports of humans contracting the coronavirus from animals.

He noted that the public must not disregard or abandon animals owing to various rumours as a carrier of COVID-19.

He stated that veterinarians will remain vigilant of the matter adding that it will be revealed in the near future whether animals have contracted the virus in the country.

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