‘No Constitutional powers to summon old Parliament’

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says he has no Constitutional powers to summon the old Parliament, opposed to calling a new Parliament.

The President held a special discussion with the Chief Prelates yesterday at the President’s House.

The Head of State had detailed steps taken to mitigate the threat of coronavirus, quarantine efforts, concessions provided by the government and future measures to uplift the country’s economy.

President Rajapaksa stated that support of all parties to assist the state mechanism amidst challenges faced by health and security units, is commendable.

The President had stated that he intends on calling on the Maha Sangha on the 3rd Friday of every month and extended an invitation to the Chief Prelates as well.

The Chief Prelates had stated that they were of the collective view, that summoning the old Parliament would be futile.

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