No restrictions for travelers to visit SL: Foreign Ministry

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Affairs Ministry yesterday said that there were no restrictions on issuing visas to Chinese travelers to Sri Lanka, but the Daily Mirror learns that all those arriving from the areas affected by the coronavirus will have a special mark on their ETA so that they will be subjected to quarantine upon their arrival.

Sources from the Department of Immigration and Emigration said that the special mark was being placed on the ETA so that immigration officers at the BIA could identify them as passengers residing in the affected Chinese cities. These travelers will be subject to quarantine and undergo a thorough medical health check at the airport. Overall, all travelers arriving from China will have to undergo a medical check upon their arrival but those living in the affected cities will be monitored closely upon their arrival.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dinesh Gunawardena told Daily Mirror that following the health check up at the BIA, if any tourists are found to be suffering from any symptoms of the coronavirus, they will be transferred to the National Infectious Disease Hospital (IDH). Meanwhile, Gunawardena said the Foreign Affairs Ministry continues to be in touch with the Chinese government through the Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing to bring back the 30 Sri Lankan students and their family members stranded in Wuhan, which is the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Gunawardena said that once permission is granted to evacuate these families from Wuhan, steps will be taken to bring them on a charter Sri Lankan Airlines flight back home. Upon arrival at the BIA, these families will undergo special health checks and anyone suffering from any symptoms will be transferred to the IDH.

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