Nurse from the Horana base hospital tested positive

A nurse who works at the Horana Base Hospital has been diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

As a result, her husband has been referred for a PCR test.

According to the results of his PCR tests, the eight employees of the Mattegoda pharmacy where he worked and their associates are to be referred for PCR tests.

Previously a nurse working in Ward 5 of the Horana Hospital was quarantined.

A resident of the Kandanhena area in Horana, who works for the Brandix factory in Minuwangoda, was diagnosed with coronavirus at the Nagoda Hospital on the 6th. Therefore, Ward 5 of the Horana Base Hospital where his wife works as a nurse was closed down as a precautionary measure.

The nurse and her two children were later subjected to PCR tests. After the PCR tests he was transferred to the Kandakadu Quarantine Center.

The infected garment worker who was at the Nagoda General Hospital was immediately transferred to the IDH Hospital. However, his wife who was a nurse was not diagnosed with coronavirus.

It was in this backdrop that another nurse who was working in the same ward has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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