Omicron is more susceptible to BA5 if not boostered “

With the rapid spread of Omicron BA5 new covid variant, the risk of contracting this virus is high for those who do not take anti-covid booster dose, said the Deputy Director General (Health Services) of the Ministry of Health Dr. Hemantha Herath.

He said that it is important to take booster doses of anti-covid vaccines to protect against the new covid variety and it is essential to follow anti-covid health advice.

He also said that it is mandatory to follow the health advice including wearing face masks from now on, not until the country is closed to follow the health advice against Covid.

He also said that by getting doses of anti-covid vaccines and following anti-covid health advice, the spread of the new covid strain can be prevented.

The Department of Epidemiology states that 17,105,217 of the Sri Lankan population have received the first dose of anti-Covid, 14,555,036 have received the second dose, 8,005,770 have received the first dose of anti-Covid (booster), and 18,931 have received the second booster dose.

Dr. Hemantha Herath said that the immunity of the people who received the first and second anti-covid vaccinations has decreased by now and they can regain the anti-covid immunity by taking anti-covid booster doses.

He said that the anti-covid booster dose has been safely stored to give enough to the population of the country and that if 10 million of the population of the country take this dose, the spread of covid can be prevented.

He also said that the population should get anti-Covid booster doses as soon as possible.

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