One-month-old infant abandoned at a motor garage with a letter

A one month-old infant was found abandoned near a vehicle garage in Bandarawela on Wednesday, with a letter.

A Police investigation is underway after one month-old infant was found abandoned near a vehicle garade in Bandarawela on Wednesday (31).

Interestingly, the infant the vehicle garage is located close to a Child Care Center in the Ambewala area in Bandarawela.

Investigations revealed that this infant was left at the premises at noon on Wednesday (31).

Mechanics who were employed at the garage heard the cried of this infant and informed the police, who and then had handed over the infant to a Child Care Center.

A female Police Officer also volunteered to take care and feed the infant.

A letter was also found along with the infant, and the letter states that the person who left the child at the garage will be back to take infant in a short time and to take care of the child until then.

The infant was then hospitalized at he Diyathalawa hospital for examination purposes, and Police investigations are underway to locate the suspect who abandoned the infant.

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