Passara bus accident caused by negligent maintenance and service, report finds

The report of the special inquiry carried out on the bus accident which took place in Madolsima, Passara on January 06 has determined that lack of proper maintenance and negligent vehicle servicing.

Transport Services Management Minister Mahinda Amaraweera had instructed Chairman of the SLTB Kingsley Ranawaka to make a special inquiry into the accident which killed 09 passengers and critically injured 40 others.

The report containing the reasons for the accident and recommendations, compiled by an inquiry committee, was submitted to the Minister recently.

The report pointed out that the accident had been caused by the ball joint of the bus coming loose, which is a result of a repair or modification done without proper standards or knowledge.

The report has further made recommendations on servicing buses and preventing such incidents by paying attention to improper and irregular repairs.

Immediately after the report was submitted, Minister Amaraweera advised the SLTB Chairman to look into the institutions that would be involved in the repairs of the SLTB buses if they are carried out by the private sector.

The Minister further instructed to look into a program where the existing technical officers at the SLTB Depots would be carrying out the relevant repairs of the buses.

He also instructed the Ministry Secretary to summon all relevant parties in order to formulate a better mechanism for repairing and renovating the SLTB buses.

Furthermore, Amaraweera directed the SLTB to implement the recommendations made by the report on the accident.

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