People in quarantine curfew areas told to remain indoors

Police advise people to remain indoors during the quarantine curfew now in force in 17 police areas of Gampaha.

Entering or leaving these areas is also banned, says the police media division.

Long-distance buses should not load or unload passengers while crossing these areas, while trains do not stop between Yagoda and Wandurawa railway stations.

The curfew has been imposed in the Gampaha, Ganemulla, Kirindiwela, Dompe, Malwathu-Hiripitiya, Meerigama, Nittambuwa, Pugoda, Weeragula, Weliweriya, Pallewela and Yakkala police areas of Gampaha police division and in the Kandana and Ja Ela police areas of Kelaniya division.

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