Petitions from “Gota go gama ” activists against the police decision !

Three writ petitions have been submitted to the Court of Appeal against the temporary constructions and the decision to evict people from the Galle mouth area.

These petitions have been filed by three aggrieved persons seeking an interim order suspending the decision taken by the police.

Yesterday (August 3), the police had given notice to immediately remove the unauthorized constructions and crops in Galle Muddora Pitiya and nearby areas.

Accordingly, the Fort Police had informed that the construction should be removed before 5:00 pm tomorrow (August 5).

It was stated that they should act in accordance with the existing laws of the country and in a manner that does not oppress the public and that legal measures will be taken against people who do not act according to those instructions.

By that, the police had emphasized to immediately stop the deprivation of the immaterial rights of the people.

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