Present cluster most challenging to be tackled

The newest COVID-19 cluster reported from the Minuwangoda area is the most difficult one to be tackled in the country since the point of origin of its first infection is not yet established, Chief Epidemiologist of the Academy of Epidemic Disease Unit Dr. Sudath Samaraweera yesterday said

He told a news conference in Colombo yesterday the cluster was more dangerous than other clusters because the Health Officials had not yet ascertained as to how the female factory worker who was infected first contracted the virus. He said the number of persons who got into contact with these patients who tested positive could be high and widespread.

He requested people to adhere to health guidelines and reach hospitals for treatment if there were symptoms. Such people with symptoms are requested to stick to private transport modes in doing so. There are 71 COVID-19 cases reported so far.

Dr. Samaraweera said there was no sign of community transmission of the disease as of now.

“Community transmission is a situation in which patients are reported across the country with the origin of infection being unable to be traced. There is no such a situation in the country at the moment,” he said.

The other two big clusters in the country were linked to the Welisara Navy Camp and the Kandakadu Drug Rehablitaion Centre.

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