President seeks the support of Viyathmaga

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has made an appeal to the scholars and professionals of the Viyathmaga organization to support the future activities of the government.

The President pointed out that the responsibility of formulating plans and policies for the future of the country lies ahead with the Viyathmaga, whilst identifying the areas where the political authorities should intervene and staying away from them.

The President made this observation while meeting the members of the Viyathmaga at its office in Ethul Kotte yesterday afternoon.

This was the first time the President met the members as the Chairman of Viyathmaga since assuming office as President of Sri Lanka.

He further stated that State Ministries have been established with the emphasis on the economic and social upliftment of all communities, including those in rural and urban areas.

The President explained to the Executive Committee on how they can contribute to achieving those objectives.

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