Probe into wet medicines issue at Suduhumpola centre

Health authorities have begun an investigation in connection with the complaints from many patients who claimed to have suffered from various allergies after taking medicine pills which had got wet after getting exposed to rain   and were issued by the Suduhumpola Primary Medical Unit,controlled by the Central Provincial Health Department.

Some patients have complained that after taking the medicine pills issued to the patients from this centre, they had developed complications such as vomiting, dizziness, tremors and headache.

On Saturday some of the patients who developed the related illnesses after taking the medicine came to the primary care unit with the medicine pills issued to them.

They stated that the pills, which crumble upon being touched, give off a bad smell and suspect that they are expired. The officer managing the medicine issuing counter at the medical centre said that there is no proper place to store the medicines and the rain water seeps through the holes in the roof and the medicines get wet.

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