Public assistance sought to identify suspects of the shooting incident inside Mt Lavinia Court Complex

Sri Lanka Police is seeking public assistance to identify and arrest suspects in connection with the shooting incident inside the Mount Lavinia Court Complex and the Police Media Division stated that the Divisional Criminal Investigation Unit of the Mt. Lavinia Police Division is investigating the incident.

The police request the public to provide any information regarding the suspects in the relevant images to the Mt. Lavinia Divisional Criminal Investigation Unit via the telephone number – 0112 717 516 or to the Mt. Lavinia Police Station via the number – 071 8591 664.

Two pictures, drawn by the police sketch artist, resembling the faces of the suspect who committed the shooting and fled, and also the suspect who had aided and abetted him, based on the CCTV footage and other evidence related to the crime, have been released by the police.

An image of a car in which they are suspected to have fled after the crime and certain video footage of the incident have also been released to the media.

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